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Fikatha Media, Ashley Dionne, Megan O'Connell

FIKATHA MEDIA pays homage to both of these ideas. We acknowledge that as a global community, we have some elephants in the room that need to be discussed. As members of this community, we owe it to one another to take pause from our day-to-day, to better engage with global issues, and to learn how we all interact with each other and our planet.  

Fikatha Media was co-founded By Megan O'Connell and Ashley Heffington Dionne as a way to share knowledge about grassroots conservation, culturally relevant stories, and social justice projects taking place in communities around the world. We hope to foster collaboration between artists, researchers, naturalists, activists, and community members who think differently about the way art, science, people, community, and nature can interact.

Megan O'Connell has since moved on from her partnership in Fikatha Media in pursuit of her PHD while furthering her passion to bring better science communication to the world. You can follow her new path by clicking on her link.

Ashley Heffington Dionne (Ash) has a background in cultural anthropology, photography, and film. 

If you’d like to collaborate with Fikatha Media, let’s connect:

FIKA (Swedish: [ˈfiːˌka]): A coffee break; to take a pause from our busy days; to be in the moment

ATHA (Sinhalese: [ අ ලි ]):Elephant; something possessing incredible strength and massive presence

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