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FIKATHA MEDIA is interested in helping tell stories of all kinds. We seek to collaborate with artists, researchers, naturalists, activists, and communities who have messages to share and are looking for innovative and impactful ways to do so. Using visual storytelling,we hope to be the medium through which creative, multidisciplinary individuals and teams can spread the word and connect to others interested in learning, helping, and fostering change.

Check out some of our current collaborators:

Angie Estrada, Conservation Scientist

Angie Estrada is a Panamanian conservation scientist who is currently working on mitigating amphibian declines in the tropics. She is interested in altering the way people think about and interact with nature in Panama, as well as sharing Panamanian culinary traditions. Check out her story in our second installment of BioVida Panamá.

Leonardo Simmons, Digital Artist

Leonardo Simmons is a Venezuelan photographer, videographer, musician, and motion graphics designer specializing in the production of multimedia stories and art. He is interested in cultural perspectives on nature and conveying the less-noticed, but important details of the stories we tell. Check out his work in our BioVida Panamá series and look for his upcoming work in our Punk Scientist series.

Peter Marting, Behavioral Scientist

Peter Marting is a behavioral ecologist and musician from the U.S. studying Azteca ant colonies and their mutualism with Cecropia trees in the tropics. He is interested in finding alternative ways to tell the story of these ants’ fascinating lives through his data, music, and visual art. Check out Peter’s research and jungle-inspired beats in our first installment of Punk Scientist and at his website.

Mary McKee is a Spanish to English translator from the U.S. specializing in clinical trials, medical texts, legal documents, and the environment. She is excited to support this project and delve deeper into the intricacies of conservation around the world. Check out Mary's translations in our BioVida series, as well as her work and client list at her website.

Mary McKee, Spanish and English Translator

If you’d like to collaborate with Fikatha Media, let’s connect:

Olivia Schmidt is a biologist, educator, photographer, and filmmaker from Chicago, IL who completed a Master's in Ecology, Evolution & Behavior at the University of Texas at Austin. She recently transitioned away from academics to a career in wildlife photography, film-making and science communication. Check out her work in our Scientist In Residence series and her website.

Amanda Vaughn is a biochemistry PhD student at UT Austin, where she examines the inner-workings of proteins vital to prenatal development. Outside of lab, she paints enlarged portraits of proteins--among other visual artistic endeavors--in an effort to inspire and educate the masses to pursue scientific thought. Check out her work in our Scientist In Residence series.

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